Jessica Simpson tweets photo of new baby Maxwell Drew giving us all the side-eye

Jessica Simpson tweeted this adorable photo of 8-week-old baby girl Maxwell Drew, who’s sporting some nice brown hair, and giving us all the side-eye for gawking.

Jessica recently even gave us a shot of her new mommy cleavage (milk jugs! in Maxi’s eyes, if Jessica is breastfeeding.)

It also looks like Maxi has her mommy’s lips, and the expression on her face is priceless!

Jessica reportedly sold the first photos of Maxi to People for $850,000, but the issue didn’t get very wide circulation, selling only 950,000 copies (which is below their average of 1.3 million.) She also snagged a deal to lose 50 pounds for a cool $4 million for Weight Watchers! And to think, most women lose weight for free! What are we doing?