Jesse James shares gruesome pinky picture after accident

Jesse James Chopped off finger

If there was such a thing as Oversharers Anonymous, Jesse James would likely be court ordered to attend. In addition to revealing a bit too much about his personal life, the notorious ex-husband of Sandra Bullock recently shared a horrendous picture of his mutilated finger.

According to his captions, James chopped off the tip of his pinky finger while working in his car shop. During a phone interview with TMZ while he was waiting in the emergency room, James further explained that he was working with a mechanical saw when his glove caught into one of the machine.

“I didn’t even know my finger had got cut off until I got five steps away and I was like, ‘Oh man, I think my finger got cut off.'”

James and his wife, Alexis DeJoria, found the tip of the finger and put it on ice. However, the doctors told James it wasn’t salvageable.

“They’re gonna take a skin graft off the chunk of finger and just sew it back on,” he said, seeming unfazed.

Jesse James Overshares Pinky Pic

In fact, the mechanic was so unaffected by the accident that he passed up on doctors’ offers for painkillers.

“They’re totally trying to give me morphine but I’m like, ‘No, I’m fine, I’m cool, I’m all right. I’ll just take the pain,'” James said. “I’m fine… It’s not that bad, dude.”

Despite James’ claims that it wasn’t that painful, the pictures look gruesome enough. My pinkies started hurting just looking at it! For that reason, we decided to cover up the exposed end of James’ finger. Feel free to check out the originals on his Instagram account, @popeofwelding.

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