Jenny McCarthy can’t stop saying strange things about her marriage

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A day or so after confirming that husband Donnie Wahlberg has the most perfect, most beautiful penis she’s ever dealt with, Jenny McCarthy (J-Mac) decided to go ahead and top those remarks for frankness and over-the-top strangeness.

J-Mac was talking to People when she was asked to talk about what it’s like to get into bed with one of the few men in the world responsible for bearing the genes that made half of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch possible. McCarthy, as she is wont to do lately, decided to take the question in a direction half-endearing, half-eyebrow-raisingly creepy:


Every night when we go to bed and I climb in bed and I see him laying there, I go, ‘The feeling I get crawling in bed with you every night is like when I was little and my mom used to say your best friend can sleep over tonight.’…He definitely brings out the best in me, and I think I do the same for him.


It makes you wonder about the sorts of sleepovers McCarthy had when she was a little girl. Also about what “the best in” she and Donnie refers to. As long as it’s legal, whatever adults want to get up to behind closed doors is their gosh darn business, but if you’re going to keep up with the excess information, J-Mac, people are going to wonder about you. And rightly so.


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Jenny believes in fairytale romances, too, as evidenced by the story she told about how she and D-Wah fall asleep every night:


He’s on his back and my head is on his chest, and his arm is around me. I say, ‘I love you[;]’ he says, ‘I love you, too,’ and we kiss and we fall asleep in that position. And I want to say more times than not, we wake up in that same position.


You know what the most amusing part of this particular tidbit is? Donnie’s confirmation: “I’d say about 75 percent of the time,” he told the magazine. Meaning that the other 25 percent of the time? They wake up with raging headaches, blood-stained sheets, and no memory of what happened the night before.

J-Mac’s SiriusXM radio show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny, premieres tomorrow night at ten PM EST. If you’re in the market for “I don’t even”-type humor, you might want to give it a listen.

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