Jenelle Eason responds to Jace calling her and David ‘pieces of sh*t’ on Teen Mom 2 episode

Jace calls Jenelle and David pieces of sh_t on Teen Mom 2 episode, Jenelle responds

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Eason’s son Jace returned from a weekend with his mom and David Eason. During his conversation with his grandmother Barbara Evans, Jace shockingly stated that “Mommy and David are pieces of sh*t” before spitting on the ground.

Jenelle has since taken to Twitter to respond to the scene, explaining that “If Jace lived with me he wouldn’t have ever spoke those words about ANYONE.”

To recap the scene in question, Barbara and Jace were back at her house playing in the backyard as Barbara asked about his weekend:

BARBARA: What else you been doing at mommy’s? Were you zip lining?

JACE: Yeah.

BARBARA: Oh, how was the boat?

JACE: Good.

BARBARA: How long were you on the boat? All day?

JACE: Yes.

BARBARA: Did you have a picnic?


BARBARA: Did you cook out?


BARBARA: Everybody went? All the kids?

JACE: Yeah. Well, not Kaiser. Not Antony.

BARBARA: Where was Kaiser?

JACE: At school. Daycare.

BARBARA: They put David — he went to daycare and he couldn’t even go out on the boat?

JACE: Yeah.

BARBARA: That’s sad. Why won’t they take Kaiser?

JACE: I don’t know.

BARBARA: And he puts — they put him in daycare? And they can’t even have him come on the boat?

JACE: Mm hm.

BARBARA: Didn’t you tell her to have him come?

JACE: Yeah. They wouldn’t let me.

BARBARA: That breaks my heart.

JACE: They’re pieces of sh*t.


JACE: They’re pieces of sh*t.

BARBARA: Who’s a —

JACE: Mommy and David are pieces of sh*t. [Jace then spits on the ground.]

When the episode aired, Jenelle was embroiled in a custody battle with Kaiser amid allegations of abuse; she didn’t respond to the controversial scene until earlier today. “If Jace lived with me he wouldn’t have ever spoke those words about ANYONE,” Jenelle tweeted. “Thought me and my mom were actually building our relationship lately and now it’s two steps back. ??‍♀️?”

Jenelle also responded to a couple of tweets:

TWEET: I don’t agree with what Jace said, but you have to give respect to earn it. All he sees is you allowing David to treat them like crap and you fighting to remove him from the one person who has been constant in his life. Barb may not be perfect but she was there when his mom left.

JENELLE: My mom talked so much sh*t about me and David my son doesn’t even know me anymore. You can say “you and David argue all the time” but people that know us personally know we are fine, so you can stop repeating rumors.

JENELLE: And by building our relationship I meant within these past 2 weeks that hasn’t been filmed at all and you have no idea about. Stop thinking you guys know every aspect of my life.

TWEET: I don’t know how you can take out of context David calling Kaiser a little b!tch while Jenelle just stood there & said nothing. She is a piece of crap & attracts men who are also pieces of crap. I don’t care why, she’s an adult and she shouldn’t have kids if she can’t do it well.

JENELLE: Cuz he said that about his dad not my child…

Jenelle does have a point in that kids do tend to repeat what they hear others say, and Barbara has stated before that David is a piece of sh*t. But I should point out that David Eason live-streamed the moment he and Jenelle got custody of Kaiser back from Nathan Griffith’s mother Doris Davidson, and — with Kaiser present — David could be heard calling Doris a “f**king ugly b*tch.”

And that’s just one example from earlier this week. Jenelle has called Barbara pretty much everything under the sun in front of Jace during the eight seasons of Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle’s co-star Briana DeJesus condemned the scene, tweeting “it’s a shame” in response to someone calling out Barbara for not teaching Jace respect. Briana continued with a series of tweets:

Briana DeJesus tweets about Jace calling Jenelle and David Eason pieces of sh_t

In addition to the usual public debate about who is the better parent for Jace, there’s another debate over whether or not it was appropriate for MTV to air the scene. Here is a child that called his mom and step-dad pieces of sh*t on national television. I don’t even want to think about the effect that will have on Jace — as if he doesn’t have enough to deal with already! I fully understand MTV airing adults doing and saying things they might regret, but the issue gets very murky when you’re talking about airing what a child says and does.

Then again, I am guessing that Barbara had to give MTV the OK, right?

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