90 DAY FIANCE Jason Hitch has died from COVID complications, Cassia responds

90 Day Fiance Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares

We have some sad news report for fans of 90 Day Fiance. Season 2 star Jason Hitch, who was married to Cassia Tavares from Brazil, has reportedly died due to complications stemming from COVID.

Jason’s dad, Ron Hitch, shared the news with Jason’s Army Reserves Company on Facebook earlier today. “I regret to inform the 993rd that LT Jason Hitch passed away from complications due to Covid,” Ron wrote. “He will be missed. Service details will be released once details are finalized.”

In a post shared by a fellow 993rd Transportation Company member, there was an additional note from Ron. It reveals that Jason died on Tuesday, December 14, at 10:40PM.

TMZ later confirmed Jason’s passing with his sister, Shannon. From the site:

Jason’s sister, Shannon tells us he passed away Tuesday night inside the ICU of a Florida hospital. We’re told Jason’s family was able to be with him when he died and held his hand in his final moments. Shannon says Jason was not vaccinated and did not have preexisting medical conditions, to the family’s knowledge.

Hitch died from complications of COVID-19 and perhaps other factors, Shannon says.

UPDATE – Here is a statement from Jason’s sister Shannon shared on Facebook on Wednesday:

Dear FB friends and family,

It is with sadness and disbelief that yesterday my brother, Jason, died from complications of Covid-19, the same day as my daughter, Vivienne’s 13th birthday. My dad and I were at his bedside holding his hand while he passed on. His brother, Ryan, tried his best to get there in time, but was just an hour too late.

Despite my frustrations and differing viewpoints I loved him very much and only wanted the best for him. Please be sensitive if contacting my dad. He is completely devastated as he has lost his son, best friend and caregiver. Politics aside, please consider the absolute grief that now exists within my family and do what’s necessary to protect you and others.

He was a healthy, 45yo. If it could ravage his body then it could to you or someone you love. I would never want another person in this world to experience the pain of dying from this virus or have to witness what I did last night.

RIP Jason

Jason’s former stepmom shared Shannon’s message and added her own:

I have no words. Jason was my stepson. His father Ron, my ex, is besides himself with grief. Good thoughts and prayers desperately needed. Thank you.

Jason was a very outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, and made numerous posts on social media over the past two years downplaying the seriousness of COVID 19.

Jason was just 45 years old — his 46th birthday was to be later this week. Jason and Cassia officially divorced in 2018 after a tumultuous relationship that included multiple attempts at reconciliation.

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