How much money did Jesse James mistress Michelle Bombshell McGee get for In Touch Weekly interview?

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has certainly got a lot of what she was looking for. She’s famous now, as in everyone knows her names, her tattoos, her employment history, but she’ll probably never achieve the kind of fame she was looking for when she sold her “bombshell” story to InTouch Weekly.

Everyone loves Sandy Bullock, and no one likes seeing her hurt. At first many of us thought McGee was just seeking attention, and there was little truth to her claims, but it turns out just days ago McGee and James were exchanging pretty intimate-type tweets.

A source tells Technorati that Michelle, who goes by the stripper name Avery, received $30,000 for her the interview that tore Sandra Bullock’s house apart and gave Michelle the instant worldwide attention she craved.

$30,000 isn’t nearly enough for “Avery” to leave her stripper, and webcam chat days behind, and her prospects for other kinds of jobs don’t look good.