How does LeBron James apologize to his neighbors? With cupcakes, of course

When LeBron James announced his return to the Cavaliers of Cleveland, he set off a veritable firestorm of goodwill and hollering in that benighted Midwestern metropolis.

One of the many results of his decision (and the days of indecision that preceded it) was a swell in the attention the media paid to his northern Ohio home. News vans and reporters camped out on his street in the otherwise quiet neighborhood. When it was clear LeBron was coming back to the Cavs, a line of cars crawled past the house for hours on end.

It was enough to make anyone hopping mad. And, apparently, LeBron realized that. Because he sent all of his neighbors apology cupcakes.




That’s right–each of LeBron James’ neighbors in Bath Township, Ohio, got a box of one dozen cupcakes from Baker Boulevard Decadent Desserts, along with a stylish note. How stylish? I’m glad you asked:


Apology note


The gesture seemed to work. Neighbor David Galehouse, who lives one street away, told local media he “thought it was really great of him to do that. [LeBron]’s never done anything like that in the past.”

And his cousin Laura Basford, who stopped by Galehouse’s abode and made the initial cupcake discovery, was touched, as well.

“At first we were laughing at it because we had no idea what was going on,” she said. “Initially we were thinking they were trying to sell something from door to door but then we found out they were from LeBron. I think it was a really neat gesture.”

In short, this is pretty much the exact opposite of what he did the last time LeBron made a career-altering decision. Classy move, LBJ.

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