Heidi Klum is having her Seal tattoo removed


Over one year after filing for divorce from Seal after seven years together, Heidi Klum is showing evidence of getting the tattoo of his name removed from her arm.

Heidi Klum got the tattoo May 2008 as a fourth anniversary present. They would renew their vows every year, and that year they wanted to do a little something extra by getting their names tatooed on each other.

“My husband and I always get married every year,” Klum told People.”It was our fourth wedding, and we wanted to have our names tattooed together. So it’s my husband’s name and our three children, their initials, in the stars.”

The four stars show no sign of fading. “She’s been through a few treatments,” a source confirms to People. “The stars with her children’s initials will stay intact.”

Heidi and Seal had three biological children together: sons Henry and Johan, daughter Lou. When Heidi and Seal met she was pregnant with her first daughter Leni, who’s father was Heidi’s ex Flavio Briatore. Seal raised Leni from the beginning, and she even took his last name.

Heidi has been in a relationship with her bodyguard Martin Kristen since September 2012.


Heidi’s fading tattoo was visible while out with boyfriend Martin Kristen and her children in NYC Monday.

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