GOLD RUSH Rick Ness and Leese Arie back together after split

Gold Rush Rick Ness and girlfriend Leese Arie back together again

A little more than one month after Gold Rush miner Rick Ness and his fiancée Leese Arie broke up amid allegations of Rick cheating, the couple publicly announced they are back together!

The initial announcement came via a Facebook photo and caption posted by Rick on January 1. “I’m not much for little quips like ‘New Year, new beginning’ but this year I’m gonna make an exception,” Rick captioned the image of himself and Leese hugging in front of a Christmas tree.

“Happy New Year from Leese and I,” Rick continued, “and let’s all get on with the business of making 2023 as big, successful, exciting and important, as we want it to be while we leave 2022 behind us in the dust, carrying nothing from it with us, except for lessons learned.”

Gold Rush Rick Ness Leese Arie 2023

Leese shared the photo and Rick’s message on her own Instagram account. She replied to numerous commenters and seemed very humble and cautious about the reconciliation.

“You guys are back together?” one commenter asked.
“Yes, but on everything this is the absolute last chance that I give,” Leese replied. “I literally can’t take anymore pain, I am at the end 🥺.”

Another commenter wrote: “I’m so confused.”
Leese agreed. “Yeah, truthfully me too 🥺”

In addition to the short interactions, Leese also replied to several lengthy comments in kind. Here are a couple examples of those interactions:

COMMENT: As my grandmother used to say…leopards don’t change their spots. Just be a bit guarded. He has A LOT to make up for. If he fickz this up please just walk away….I think personally he is incapable of charge. So either accept him when he screws up….and if not move on and find someone that is deserved of the queen you are. NEVER GIVE UP YOUR CROWN! I’m probably old enough to be your mother (believe it or not).. and that’s the advice I’d give my daughter if I had one.

LEESE: First there is absolutely no way you could be old enough to be my mother beautiful. You can’t be more than a couple years older than me. And your grandmother was definitely spot on when saying that. It hasn’t even been a few days, and one foot is already out the door. After 2 plus years, I have finally realized that I can’t make someone love me or treat me right. As painful and hard as it is, I have set boundaries numerous times, but this time I am sticking to them. Ty for your kind words and words of wisdom. Much love and respect 🙏❤️🙏

COMMENT: Leese, have a wonderful year. Keep it real as you have always. Don’t ever let any man put their hands on you(any man who did me I left and moved on realizing we just weren’t meant to be). And if they forget holidays and special relationship dates they rarely change. But some buy you special things through the year just because they love you instead. Also Some men change. Most don’t. And if you are happy and willing to overlook those things and others then it’s your business and your happiness and your life, enjoy it and be happy. No one is perfect.
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LEESE: Thank you so much for your words or wisdom and that I need to keep reminding myself of. I truly needed to read this today. Everything you said is so true. Even tho he definitely doesn’t deserve literally over 100th chance this is the absolute last one I am giving because I can’t be hurt anymore. Ty again, and I hope you have an amazing and blessed year!! ❤️🙏❤️

Leese updated on January 8 with a photo of herself and Rick on Instagram. “Much needed date night ❤️🥰❤️,” Leese captioned the image. She revealed in the comments that the photo was from the night before.

Rick Accepts Blame For Split

Rick and Leese attempting to give their relationship another go comes after Rick shared a Facebook post in December admitting to being the main reason that they split up:

Things are continuing to get better, I’m trying my hardest to get better every day, I still make mistakes, I’m nowhere near perfect and I never will be, truth be told I’ve got a long way to go to get to where I need to be but I know I’m going to make it.

I’ve got a lot of people that believe in me but none more than my beautiful fiancé, Leese. She’s seen me at my worst and she has stuck with me through it all and believe me my worst was about as awful as it gets. I was a mess at everything and that includes our relationship. I didn’t always take it seriously and I took her for granted alot of the time.

I screwed up just about everything you could screw up, believe me, and she continued to forgive me and stand with me. From ruining plans, holidays, and even worse stepping out on her, I’ve done the unforgivable, but she has continued to forgive me.

I see alot of people trying to blame her for my problems and that makes it sting even worse because I know the truth and the truth is that I am the problem, not her. She has only tried to help me through my problems and it suck’s to see her get blamed instead. I’m an adult, what I’ve done, I’ve done, I won’t hide it all I can do is try and do better. So why don’t you lay off the innocent one and start throwing some of your misplaced accusations at my doorstep, because that’s where they belong.

Given the couple’s stormy history, Leese would be the first to admit that the chances of a happily ever after are slim. That being said, we certainly wish them the best and hope to eventually share news about what would surely be an epic Gold Rush wedding!

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