Giuseppe Joe Giudice mug shot photos for fake driver’s license arrest

Joe Giudice mug shot picture from his fake driver's license arrest

As we previously reported, Teresa Giudice’s husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice has been arrested again, this time for allegedly using his brother’s information to obtain a driver’s license after his had been suspended due to a DWI arrest last year. (Catch up on all the complicated details by clicking the link.)

There was a bit of a delay but The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s mug shot photos from the arrest have finally surfaced! Above we have the straight-on shot and next we have the profile picture:

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Joe Giudice mug shot picture

Giudice, 40, appeared in court in New Jersey after his arrest and was released on $50,000 bail. He will appear back in court in April and faces up to ten years back behind bars for the charges of fraudulent use of an ID and forgery.


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