Gary Coleman arrested for domestic violence

Gary Coleman MugShot from January 24 Domestic Violence

Gary Coleman was arrested Sunday afternoon in a domestic violence charge, supposedly against his 24-year-old wife Shannon Price, and is being held on a $1,725 bail. Police responded to a call at Gary’s Santaquin, Utah home. In the mugshot from the incident (above), Gary is casting a menacing, gloomy stare.

This is sad for a number of reasons: #1. The obvious. No one can post a $1,725 bail for Gary Coleman?#2. Ever since Gary married Shannon Price, who’s half his age, their relationship has been tumultuous. Shannon was arrested for domestic violence herself last summer (July ’09) after they had a major fight and she destroyed his bedroom and locked him out of the house. At that time, they were able to somehow round up the money for her $1205 bail.

The couple, who wed in August 2008,  also famously appeared on Divorce Court where Price claimed Coleman threw “temper tantrums like a 5-year-old.” Is this a case of a temper tantrum gone too far?

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