Did Brangelina really split for good? Why so many people care about the Brangelina break-up rumors

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really breaking up?

Brad Pitt and Angelina (of the holy Brangelina union) always have break-up rumors swirling, and that’s a good thing for them. They’re arguably the most attractive couple in Hollywood, their relationship had a scandalous start, they refuse to get married and yet adopt and bread scores of children. They also give back, Angelina takes trips to the third world, and Brad builds houses in Louisiana.

These past few days, however, everyone has hyped up break-up rumors from quiet whispers to a raging howl, after British tabloid News of The World claimed that the exalted pair had actually seen divorce lawyers (even though they aren’t married) and have signed legal papers to split their assets ($300+ million) and children. The Sun followed up with a report that Pitt’s family is urging him to pull the plug because they’ve been in a “loveless” relationship for about a year and spent a miserable Christmas together. Another detail that’s making people buzz is the fact that Brad showed up at the Hope for Haiti Now telethon with the rest of Hollywood while Angelina had a photoshoot in New York.

A rep, however, has denied that a break-up is occurring, and TMZ has a source, who they claim should know, saying it’s all baloney, and People has a whole slew of sources lining up to call b.s. Even Angelina’s aunt, Ruthie Richardson from Texas, told the New York Daily News that the couple are still together.

It’s hard to decipher the truth in all this, but one this is for sure, more people are interested in the fate of Brangelina’s relationship than pretty much any Hollywood couple. When someone else breaks up, heck even Susan Surrandon and Tim Robbins, there’s a good deal of human interest, esp. if scandal is involved, but the public obsession with Brangelina runs deeper than that. The story of Brad and Angelina is a epic tale spun by tabloid covers, more mainstream media, and even Brad and Angie themselves. They’ve mixed a powerful potion of beauty, betrayal (poor Jennifer!), and selflessness (adoption and New Orleans) and weaved it together into a transfixing storyline we can’t get enough of. Some people would be absolutely inconsolable if Brad and Angie are really caput, while others are cheering on the breakup; they’ve been hoping for this thing to unravel for a while. In fact, most people, even if they think they don’t care, would feel a sweet tinge of scadenfreud at the news of a Brangie split. But don’t get too immersed in that delicious feeling yet, the greatest Hollywood romance of our time probably isn’t over yet.

Even though there appear to be more details in this latest batch of rumors, the deluge of denials mounting seem to suggest that Brangie’s still on. They may be protesting too much, but as PopEater’s Rob Shuter notes, Brad & Angelina probably won’t really be over until Angie stages a photo-shoot. Maybe she’ll even take a note from classy YaVaughnie Wilkins  and buy a few billboards to let us know.

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