Country crooner Billy Currington gives good mug


“Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right” singer Billy Currington must have been doing something wrong as a mug shot has surfaced featuring the good-looking hunk of a sanger looking — well — good.

The 39-year-old ruggedly handsome star, who lays claim to 6 #1 hits (see if you can find ’em all in this post), gave a ruggedly handsome booking photo after he was arrested in Georgia yesterday following a grand jury indictment.

Perhaps Billy was hoping they would “Let Me Down Easy” following an incident in which Currington allegedly lost his cool after an older man steered his boat a little too close to the Grammy-nominated artist’s deck. He’s said to have hopped in his own boat to chase down the other 70-year-old captain so he could scream at the man and threaten his life. Now “That’s How Country Boys Roll!”

“People Are Crazy” sometimes and when that’s combined with being “Pretty Good at Drinkin’ Beer” things don’t often go in “Good Directions.”

Billy’s bond was set at $27,000 after his unwanted “Party For Two.”