Full six page strict sorority dress code from demanding, crazy Cornell Pi Beta Phi leader


“You best have a mani pedi when you get to Ithaca.”

“No need to seduce them with caked on black eye makeup. And if anyone likes to try that, it’s me, don’t get me wrong. Just saying.”

“I’m also weird about accessories. I’m not saying you have to be wearing the Harry Winston wreath for me to like it, but I am saying I will not tolerate any gross plastic shizz. Remember: less is more. I love things on wrists, and I demand earrings if your ears are pierced.”

These are just a few classic lines from Cornell’s Phi Beta Phi’s upper leadership team, possibly one of the ladies in the pic above.  (via Fashionista)

This sorority girl needs to sit down with a topless Dr. Drew so he can explain personality disorders  like narcissism to her. Then she needs to sit down with Snooki and J-Woww for style tips. She obviously has everything all which-ways wrong.

The best part about all this is how demanding she is. It makes me want to show up in one of these rush functions in a satin dress w/h cleavage (from Kim Zolciak’s ebay collection), plastic shizz bangles, feather earrings, and a face full of dark makeup accented by a hairy upper lip. I want to somehow work in frumpy AND cameltoe in this ensemble, but it’s going to take some work. My date will be Leighton Meester, who will not only be wearing American Eagle, but also hawks the stuff. Leighton Meester also understands the finer concepts of tasteful make-up application:

Leighton Meester as a goth vampire drag queen

Leighton Meester as a goth vampire drag queen

In this picture  Leighton’s already checked off about 20 no-nos from Pi Beta Phi’s list! She’s my new hero.

Below is the full, six-page list:

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