PHOTOS Lady Gaga goes with black leather and face lace for Howard Stern appearance

Lady Gaga arrives for The Howard Stern show in black leather

Lady Gaga made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show earlier today and as you might expect she dressed over-appropriately. Ditching her recent colorful fashion explorations in Japan, LG went with a more traditional dominatrix ensemble for her arrival that included a curve-enhancing black leather leotard, matching garter belts and thigh-high elevated boots, studded leather jacket and gay biker black leather hat.

Something must have happened in the studio because when Lady Gaga exited the Z100 Music Station in Manhattan she was wearing a completely different (although similarly themed) outfit complete with a fan, transparent plastic skirt, and… face lace?

Click to enlarge:
Lady Gaga leaving The Howard Stern Show in dominatrix black leather and face lace
^ Lady Gaga in dominatrix black leather, see-through plastic skirt and black face lace. (Photo: Jackson Lee / Splash News)

Here’s a zoomed in shot of Lacy Gaga…

Lady Gaga wore black face lace and bright red lipstick to The Howard Stern Show July 18 2011

Lately it seems Lady Gaga’s magical ability to make me smile with her fashion (and music) choices has been losing potency, but seeing this living blow up doll ensemble pulled off to perfection brought that old familiar grin back! Now, let’s see if her solo acoustic performance of “Edge of Glory” on The Howard Stern Show can do the same…

Of course I missed the late Clarence Clemon’s sax solo, but otherwise I likes!

Top photo: Asadorian-Mejia/Splash

UPDATE – Here’s the entire Howard Stern Lady Gaga interview, clocking in at just under 90 minutes:

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