Does Tom from Married at First Sight have a job? Why don’t they show him working?

Tom and Lillian MAFS

A huge wedge between Tom and Lillian is their work life balance. Lilly is a self-admitted workaholic whose drive to succeed trumps other areas of her life. Tom, on the other hand, takes a laid back approach to work and doesn’t bring it home with him.

Throughout the season, we have seen Lilly’s professional side and even gotten glimpse into some of her real estate listings, but Tom’s job is a bit of a mystery. We don’t see him at work or even getting ready to go to work. We do, however, see him hanging out at home and surfing.

Tom MAFS job

This has led many fans to wonder what Tom’s job is and if he even goes to work at all!

Over the weekend, Tom took to Instagram to give fans an inside look at his career.

“I’m constantly in different places, on different boats, doing interiors, doing all sorts of different projects. Estimates. Running around.” Tom explained.

He even showed us his current project: a 65 foot boat.

According to Tom, he handles all aspects of the project including “interior panels, work on the engine room, [and] detailing.”

“I do it all,” Tom said.

So why doesn’t Married at First Sight ever show Tom at work? It’s pretty simple, “It would have been impossible with boat owners and insurance,” he explained.

In addition to understanding more about his job, we also learned that Tom was hard at work on a Sunday.

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