Fixer Upper’s Chipper Gaines rings in 2016 with touching tribute to wife Joanna

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When you think “Fixer Upper Chipper Gaines,” you probably think of Chip’s wacky antics on he and wife Joanna’s hugely popular HGTV show. You might also think of some of the sweeter moments between Chip and his four children. With the latest Magnolia Market blog post, though, Chip Gaines toasts 2015 and rings in 2016 by celebrating everything Joanna Gaines means to him.

Before we get into that update, though, it’s probably worth pointing out what an impossibly busy year 2015 was for the whole Fixer Upper crew. A quick look at our Fixer Upper archives reveals just how much the show has done in such a short time: after premiering Fixer Upper season two last January (yes, it was only one year ago!), Joanna and Chipper filmed and edited the entirety of Fixer Upper season three; renovated and debuted their very own Fixer Upper bed and breakfast, which will begin taking reservations this spring; and moved their whole Magnolia Market and Magnolia Homes operation into a pair of abandoned silos in downtown Waco. And then, just because naps are for the weak, they sprang a surprise early opening of the silos when no one was looking.

In addition, Joanna Gaines debuted her very own line of custom furniture, which will be available for purchase later this month. Plus, Chip and Joanna both oversaw a month-long Fixer Upper B&B giveaway contest when Fixer Upper season three premiered in December. Beyond that, there’s the whole matter of expanding their overall business–Waco is now even hotter than Austin–and the small task of raising their four children and operating their farm.

So: If you got a little fatigued just reading that list, you’re not alone.

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Chipper does reference the general pace of life over the past twelve months with his Magnolia Market blog post, calling the time “a big year” for himself, Joanna, and their family and co-workers. (Though, again, “big” sounds like a Texas-sized understatement 😉 ) What’s caught many an onlooker’s attention, though, is how sweet and loving the post is: Chip gives almost all the credit for the couple’s success to his wife, and only brags a little bit when he shares how proud he was of being able to surprise Joanna with an anniversary party–something that brought tears to many an eye when we got to see the surprise party in the Fixer Upper season three premiere.

Without further ado, then, here’s Chipper Gaines’ loving 2015 tribute to Joanna Gaines in full, which we’ve interrupted only with a picture of Joanna and Chip. (To read the blog post in its original form, and to check out a pretty sweet shot of Chip rappeling down the Magnolia Market silos during last autumn’s Silobration, click here.)


2015 was a big year for us. Seasons 2 & 3 of the show aired, Joanna designed her new furniture line, we opened the Magnolia Silos, we announced our Bakery and the Magnolia House and I managed not to break any bones.

In celebration of the end of a great year, I thought I’d write one of these “blogs” of my own to see what the big deal is. And to review this year’s funniest and most memorable moments. You know, what I really wanted to do was film a “vlog” or whatever you call those things – but they kept telling me I’m too long winded and not good looking enough. So here we are.

I’d compare this year to running a marathon you didn’t train for, because If you would’ve asked me in 2014 if I thought this whole thing would blow up like it did, I might have told you you were crazy. We hit the ground running in January with the airing of season 2, and while it finished up in the spring, we started filming season 3. Before we knew it, December was here and Season 3 aired. There weren’t many breaks in between.

This year I ran through a wall and almost separated my shoulder, dunked a basketball goal that then fell on me, jumped into the river, drank river water out of my boot, and quite a few other embarrassingly awesome things. What do all these have in common? They were all plots to impress Jo. She seems to be a common thread in a lot of the crazy things I do. Most of the caveman-era men shared this quality with me – the need to impress their women. Modern men have taken on more intellectual endeavors, but me – I’d do just about anything to make my wife laugh.

Now, don’t think I forgot. I also ate a roach, but that one was more of a bet than anything. And when it comes to double dog dares, I’m 400 and 0.

I got to do some pretty cool things this year – three of which were like climbing-Mount-Everest-huge for me. You’ll get to see two of them coming in the Season 3. And the last one was getting to rappel off of the Silos down to the #Silobration. That one was another plot to impress Jo. It totally worked.


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Now the #Silobration was another huge exciting moment for us. Watching our “first kid” so-to-speak, our Little Shop on Bosque, be retired was a more than a little sad, but watching our Silos location open was our dream come true. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about how cool that night was. Thank you so much to all of you who traveled out to join into the #Silobration.

This year I was FINALLY able to surprise Jo with our anniversary party. This. Was. Hard. Mostly because, although my double-dog-dare record is about 400 and 0, I’m about 0 for 400 in surprising Jo. Somehow she always seems to sniff it out, and it only made it more difficult that our little rat-spy kiddos were all asking me, “Dad, how is mom not going to find out?!” So I was just waiting for it to hit the fan, and Jo to figure me out. On top of the four rat-spies running around, Joanna is exactly who I would hire to plan a party like this, so the fact I was in charge was just about hysterical. Somehow I managed, and somehow she loved it.

2015 was a whirlwind of excitement and emotions. It felt similar to what I imagine a flash flood pouring down on a house that’s burning to the ground, and a tornado spinning through town all simultaneously feels like. But in the best way. I think as far as 2016 goes, I’m optimistic to hope that it’s just as awesome as 2015 has been – except bigger. I’d feel plateaued by the thought of conquering the very same giants this coming year – that’s not what I’m interested in. Jo and I aren’t slowing down to pat ourselves on a job well done in 2015. Instead, we’re just going to get better and have a little fun along the way.


Fixer Upper airs Tuesday nights at 9 PM on HGTV.


(Photo credits: Fixer Upper Chipper Gaines via Instagram)

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