Drita D’Avanzo music video for Big Ang tribute song ‘Big ANGel’ with JoJo Pellegrino

Big ANGel music video Drita D'Avanzo

It’s been more than two months since Mob Wives star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola lost her battle with cancer, but friends, fans, family, and her Mob Wives co-stars continue to mourn the loss of one of reality television’s biggest characters, who had one of reality television’s biggest hearts.

In early March, “Big ANGel,” a Big Ang tribute song performed by rapper JoJo Pellegrino, was released. That song now has a full music video with the addition of Big Ang’s friend, and Mob Wives cast mate, Drita D’Avanzo — who also sings additional verses!

The music video was recorded in front of the Big Ang tribute mural in Staten Island, painted by Danielle Mastrion and Vincent Santorella. But the video also includes lots of photos and clips of Big Ang herself:

That was really great! And I thought Drita nailed her part while being both tough and obviously in pain over Big Ang’s passing. Here are the lyrics to Drita’s verses in the song:

Ang you were the greatest
Lord knows I miss you
We were more than just friends
I loved you like a sister

Crazy good times
The memories we shared
Any time that I needed you
You were right there

Ang was a free spirit
A true meaning of a friend
That’s why I held your
Hand ’til the end

When I look towards the sky
The sun shines and I see ya
Words from the heart
Spoken from your girl Drita


Big Ang Tribute song Drita lyrics

I miss how you call me “baby”
And how you cared for me
On and off camera
We were like family

There was drama
And always chit chat
We showed love and loyalty
We had each other’s back

I felt my heart crack
Lost part of my team
At night when I sleep
I can see you in my dreams

And for the legacy you left
I want to say thank you
You went from Big Ang
To Big ANGel

Well done, Drita. Something tells me this song is on repeat on high and there is a lot of dancing and a lot of larger-than-life laughing.

H/T: Mob Wives Sit Down

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