The Little Couple’s Jen Arnold shares cancer updates, chemo photo

Little Couple Jen Arnold no hair from chemo cancer treatment

Earlier this month The Little Couple star Jennifer Arnold revealed that she was battling stage 3 uterine cancer and the 39-year-old neonatologist and mother of two has been keeping fans updated on her condition through the holidays via Twitter with lots of photos, including the one above featuring a smiling Jen with no hair that was accompanied by the tweet, “Day2 inpatient chemo- sleeping alot, liking new anti nausea med this time, & looking to get home today! #GetWellJen”

Here are some more photos and tweets from Jen from the past couple weeks — be sure to send your well wishes to her and her family on Twitter either by tweeting @JenArnoldMD or just add the hashtag #GetWellJen or both!

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