FASHION FAIL Clotilde Hesme is “Half-and-Half” at Cannes

Clotilde Hesme fashion fail at 2011 Cannes premiere of This Must Be the Place

Clotilde Hesme was more like Clothideous Messme as she arrived for the 2011 Cannes premiere of This Must Be the Place wearing what appears to be two contrasting (and rather boring) dresses sewn together.

Let me say that I’m not opposed to the theory of half-and-half dress looks – I imagine folks like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or RuPaul could pull it off with aplomb, but if either of those folks gave it a try I’m sure they would use outfits with a bit of flare! Hesme’s get up looks like what you get by mixing McCall’s dress patterns, a Singer sewing machine and bargain bin mismatched sheets from JC Penny.

So as to not come across as a shallow “Comic Book Guy” type blogger who sits back with a meager arsenal of fashion knowledge obtained by watching every season of Project Runway and takes pot shots at successful and talented people taking fashion risks at events I would never ever be invited to, let me say that not only is Clothilde Hesme a strikingly beautiful woman but she is also a rather accomplished young French actress with a resume that includes being nominated for the 2008 César Award for Most Promising Actress as well as a Molière Award the same year, and winning the SACD Plaisir du théâtre prize in 2009.