PHOTO What Val Kilmer would look like if he ate Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer looking a little heavier Novmber 22 2009

When I was scrolling through the American Music Awards red carpet photos I saw this one and thought to myself, “That’s nice. Chastity Bono was at the American Music Awards.” Wrong! That thar is Val Kilmer! That’s right, the once svelte poor man’s Brad Pitt is frighteningly close to becoming the masculine equivalent of Kirstie Alley.

Val didn’t show up alone, though. He was at the awards with rapper and media Renaissance Man Fifty Cent. I did a little research and apparently the duo are working on a movie project together. From MTV:

“We’re here because we’ve got a project that we’re working on together,” said 50, who took the stage later that night with Eminem. “It [starts] in December.”

“It’s called ‘The Gun,’ and it’s about a gun,” Kilmer added. “It’s a really good title. He wrote it.”

D’awww! I was guessing Val was going to the title character in a marijuana-themed Peter Paul and Mary inspired Puffy the Magic Dragon. Here are Val and Fitty at the AMAs:

Val Kilmer and Fifty Cent announced they are working on a movie together

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