Farrah Abraham’s dad Michael responds to her drug use and suicidal thoughts after Derek’s death

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's father Michael Abraham

Yesterday Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham shared some rather dark revelations from her soon-to-be-released book My Teenage Dream Ended, including that she plotted out her suicide and turned to drugs like marijuana and cocaine to help deal with the death of Derek Underwood, her daughter Sophia’s father. The admissions by Farrah made headlines around the web yesterday, and now her father, Michael Abraham, has taken to Facebook to share his reaction:

Our family has always supported Farrah and Sophia with love and hope…even during the most trying times, just as Farrah has done for family members in the past that were going through negative times. I will say this… yes I am not a perfect father…and I wish I could have did many things differently that might have made things work out better for my daughter … but my prayers have been answered seeing how Farrah took the responsibility and steps to insure that she has been and is there for Sophia. Sophia lost one parent and I am grateful to God that HE has guided us so Sophia has her mother. My hope is that the haters and judgmental people that have taken shots at us will at least make an attempt to understand what Farrah has and continues to work through. Yes she might have been kinder and more respective of people around her….but those of us that love her and Sophia understand and continue to work with Farrah with understanding and forgiveness. Forgiveness is a great healer. Our family will continue to heal.

Wonderful words from an obviously very caring father.

Farrah’s book is scheduled to be released August 14 — you can preorder your copy now on amazon.com: