Heidi Montag says her friendship with Lauren Conrad was F-A-K-E: ‘I spent years pretending to like her’

Heidi and Lauren STN

We’ve known for years that MTV’s hit reality show The Hills was anything but real. From the moment the last episode concluded, fans began wondering if there was any truth to The Hills at all.

The series ended back in 2010, and, since then, most of the cast have revealed details about what really went on behind-the-scenes. Kristin Cavallari flat-out admitted the show was scriptedBrody Jenner confessed he never actually dated Lauren Conrad; now, Heidi Montag is sharing the secret about her relationship with LC.

Heidi and her boyfriend-turned-husband Spencer Pratt played the quintessential bad guys on The Hills. If Lauren was considered the angel, Heidi was most certainly the devil. At least, that’s what producers wanted you to think.

In an interview with Us, Heidi admits that even though she played the role of LC’s BFF, off-screen they weren’t friends at all. “I spent years pretending to like her for a living,” she said.

The Hills

“It was literally my job to deal with her, and it wasn’t pleasant…I had nothing to do with her problems. I even tried to help her. The fact is, she lied about me and tried to destroy my life, yet I was the one painted as the villain so the show could have her as the good guy,” says Heidi.

The 29-year-old says she’s frustrated that fans can’t seem to move past her Hills persona. “It is upsetting to me that everyone knows by now that The Hills was a scripted show,” Heidi says, “yet people still think the negative stuff about me that the show set up to make me the villain to her hero was real. It’s bizarre. It’s like if people were still mad at James Earl Jones for being the voice of Darth Vader!”

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