Farrah Abraham clarifies her role in the homeschooling of Sophia


Farrah Abraham recently revealed that she was homeschooling her daughter Sophia. By all accounts it looked like she was doing this on her own, adding yet another and very important task to the incredibly busy schedule of the Teen Momtrepreneur.

In a brief interview posted today via Wetpaint, Farrah clarified the situation on how little Sophia is getting her learning:

“To me, it’s pretty major that she started kindergarten in general. She’s doing homeschooling, and I’m very proud of that. Being a mother and seeing her at this age, I remember this age, so it’s very dear to me and very special. It’s her year. We do it through a university that’s local. They have a tutor that comes in. I’m just supportive and a good parent. I think that’s what makes a difference in where she’s at, and how excelled she is. It’s pretty cool.”

Well there ya have it!

Farrah added that she’s working on her own educational goals as she’s trying to finish her Bachelor’s in finance.

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