Farrah Abraham explains why Mitt Romney was the better choice

Farrah Abraham explains why she voted for Mitt Romney

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham caught a little backlash from fans earlier this week after tweeting her support and intention to vote for Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s election. So the multi-media momtrepreneur made a video explaining why she voted for Romney by breaking down each of the key issues. (Sadly, the clip isn not embeddable, so you will have to click here to actually watch it.)

First, here are Farrah’s tweets:

Can’t wait to #VOTE tomorrow #ROMNEY all the way !! Congrats:)

#ROMNEY thanks for a tax break & making life easier for parents! 🙂

It looks like I have to post a YouTube video to explain my voting choice, so sad the world is that confused #Vote #Romney =WorldPeace!

* Farrah uploaded the Youtube video last night, but then deleted it and reuploaded it moments ago — perhaps to do some editing.

Walking in to vote!! #Romney

#Voters Ballot!!! #CHEERS to better economy!!:))

#VOTED got the sticker to prove it!!! like a champ 🙂 #Romney

Sophia is soooo Happy her mommy #voted today :)#Romney

Mitt Romney won Popular vote. Sadly #Obama gets to completely ruin our economy Congrats!!!

And here’s what Farrah had to say in the clip:

“I think it’s super important to know that the strategy of voting is not about who is Republican or Democratic [sic], or who is liberal or, you know, strict one way or the other,” Farrah explains. “It’s more for seeing what is the best outlook for our future. And maybe you may not care so much or be concerned so much of your future, but think about others around you such as parents or children — and understand your situation could always be worse.”

“These are the categories in which you are looking at for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – who is for and who is against. So, I am going to answer them as we go down and you will see who I will be electing.”

Farrah Abraham explains why we should have all voted for Mitt Romney

Obamacare – “I agree with Mitt Romney on that. Obamacare seems to in some ways leave out elders or children or those who have serious health conditions.”

20% across-the-board income tax cut – “Sounds like a good thing, so yes, I will agree with Mitt Romney.”

Balanced budget amendment – “Sounds like a good thing because we are not budgeting accordingly and going more in debt, so I will agree again with Mitt Romney.”

Same sex marriage – “I am either way on that, so that’s not that important to myself.”

Cut Medicare $716 billion – “That could equal a lot of people not having the proper healthcare and that would be sad. So, I’m going to side with Mitt Romney and say ‘no.'”

Abortion on demand – “That’s something I feel is her choice, and so again those are the other ones that I’m not really looking at to decipher who I’m voting for.”

Cap and trade carbon tax – “Well I don’t think we need to be taxed any more on anything else, so I’m siding on ‘no’ with Mitt Romney.”

Tax payer funded abortion – “That is for – I’m kind of, you know, knowledgable about this subject, and that is for a different state level government, so state level needs to take care of that and not overall Presidential election.”

Mandated contraceptive coverage by religious charities – “Again, same cause, so those are both no so it’s Mitt Romney for me on that.”

Defense of Marriage Act – “I think so. We should defend marriage.”