FAMILIES OF THE MAFIA Billy O’Toole passed away in July; Taylor, Joe & Jess express love & grief on social media

Families of the Mafia Billy O'Toole died in July 2019

We have some sad news for fans of MTV’s Families of the Mafia reality series. Billy O’Toole, the father of Joe and Taylor, passed away unexpectedly in July.

Billy “Cast” O’Toole died on July 14, 2019 at just 48 years of age. “It’s not fair,” Billy’s daughter Taylor O’Toole wrote on Instagram on the day he passed. “I have no words. I just want to see you walk through the door again. I love you dad♥️ Until we meet again 🙏🏼”

UPDATE – The family has since posted Bill O’Toole’s obituary. And here is a video about Billy’s passing from Families of the Mafia:

Taylor and Joe’s mother Jess Clare shared a link on Facebook to a GoFundMe set up to help with funeral expenses and wrote: “Billy we love and miss you so much!! Forever in our hearts. Heaven has gained one amazing angel and I know you will always watch over us. 💙❤️”

Two day’s after Billy’s passing, his son Joe O’Toole shared a family photo on Instagram that included himself, his sister Taylor, his brother Matt, and his mom Jess:

Joe’s message:

My Everything is within this picture but even tho your not visibly here with us dad. I Know your here within my heart. I know you’ll watch over me and I’ll make shure I continue to carry out your dreams as well as making you happy accomplishing mine. I’ll never stop missing you. I wish you would have called me dad. Things would of been so different right now. We had plans for the future. I just can’t believe this!!!!! F**kkkk. I love you dad. I promise too be the man you always wanted out of me. Like you always told me it’s never bye it’s always see you later n I can’t I wait too see you again. REST IN PEACE DAD I LOVE YOU

Jess shared Joe’s post on Facebook and added the following messages:

This was us….how my heart is broken how I sit here and just can’t believe your gone and watch these kids hurt and cry. What happened that night???? Why are you not here today with us??? You will and are so missed and loved Billy so much more then u can imagine. Your spirit will never die here n our love for u will continue to grow. Watch over us especially our kids guide them in the right protectand protect them be the eyes and ears when they r not watching or listening n I promise to do my part and continue to as there mother.till we meet again my 1st love, friend, husband n father. One more time I want to hear u yell at me or curse me one more time I want the phone to ring n hear u complain about whatever,, one more time I watch u flirt w all girls.. just one more time see u hug ur kids❤️💙 Rest In sweetest Peace Billy

Never leave mad always say I love you hug and kiss never go a day without speaking. Life is so short and the pain of a loved one gone is a pain no one should ever have to bare. Billy you have touched so many hearts more then u can imagine, I just can’t believe you are not here WTF why why why???? Why? I hope u are at the peace you needed or even thought u wanted. We here miss you terribly! Heaven has a beautiful angel 🙏🏼

MTV Families of the Mafia Billy O'Toole funeral obituary

Billy’s funeral mass was held at St Christopher’s RC Church in Staten Island on July 19. The family has not revealed any details about how Billy died. “With all due respect, can the inbox and dm’s please stop about what happened to BILLY,” Jess posted on Facebook on July 20. “What happened is he is gone n me his kids and family are heartbroken of this loss of a beautiful soul that is what happened so please stop and respect the family.”

Billy’s birthday was a little more than a month after he died, and his daughter Taylor shared photos with Joe taken at the graveyard:

Happy birthday pops.. I wish I was able to feel your hug today.. I truly don’t know how I’m going to live this life with out you, through all the bullsh*t you were always my #1..& always will be. I wish I could have helped you, but I promise to stay strong for you.. Happy 49th birthday my angel♥️

Joe’s brother Matt shared a clip from the show and a message for his dad on Facebook:

A couple more messages from Jess:

AUGUST 15 – Just wanted to say I was thinking about you….I always think about you…I had asked you to give me a sign that u are with me and you did and I want to say I love and miss you Billy I still can’t believe you are not here.. the kids miss you so much Matt is lost without you, joe still can’t believe your gone he is in denial and Taylor feels so empty she moved into your house w Matt.. we love you and miss uuuuuuu 💙❤️

JANUARY 22 – Billy I know you are sending birthday wishes to our twins Taylor and Joe. No day will ever be the same for any of us since they day you were no longer here. I know n feel u watching down and protecting each one of us and I know your spirit is here it’s the little things that show us your presence. But on your behalf I am wishing your children our children a happy 23rd birthday and they know u are extremely proud of them everyday. Continue to be the Angel you are and let your wings fly high. Send them a sign today to let them know you are right there w them on this special day 2 amazing people were born❤️❤️💙💙🎂

Our thoughts are with the O’Toole family and those close to Billy.

It’s unclear if Billy’s passing will be included on screen this season. Families of the Mafia airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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