EXCLUSIVE Marysol Patton says she never told her client not to hire Elaine Lancaster

Marysol Patton cast photo for Bravo's Real Housewives of Miami Season 2

On tonight’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, Marysol Patton is once again being pegged as the villain by Elaine Lancaster. Elaine claims that Marysol advised Lisa Pliner against hiring her for her shoe launch party which is featured in the episode. However, Marysol never suggested such a thing, and she’s revealing her side of the story exclusively to Starcasm.

Marysol, who has run a successful PR firm based in Miami for over a decade, was enlisted for some helpful advice by Lisa regarding the event. “Lisa Pliner did not hire me to organize the event, she just texted me randomly several times while she was organizing it asking for recommendations for staging, catering, photographers and press etc,” Marysol explains to us. “My friends do this on a daily basis. I help all my friends all year long with their charities and personal events because it’s easy for me.”

Marysol Patton at Lisa Pliner's launch party on 'Real housewives of MIami'

Unfortunately, during the party, Marysol’s advice was taken out of context by Elaine, who once again thought that Marysol was out to get her. As you will see tonight during the new episode, Marysol tries to avoid Elaine completely, but Elaine’s not having it and continues to throw accusations at Marysol.

While she stayed mum during her friend’s party, Marysol is ready to reveal the detailed truth of what was said between her and Lisa regarding Elaine. “In one of our text conversations I asked Lisa if she hired Elaine to host and she said ‘maybe because.’ I didn’t understand what she meant so I said ‘Why?’ meaning ‘What? Because why?’ She answered, ‘If Elaine was charging she would not use him.'”

Marysol goes on to explain, “I offered recommendations just as I had with the other elements of her event. She mentioned two separate times that she did not want to use him if he was going to charge her.”

Check out a sneak peek at Marysol’s confrontation with Elaine:

To watch it all play out, tune in to tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Miami at 9/8c on Bravo.