RHOM’s Karent Sierra could face legal issues because the vehicle Lindsay Lohan crashed into a pedestrian was registered in her name

'Real Housewives of Miami' star Karent Sierra and Domingo Zapata before Lindsay Lohan's arrest

Karent Sierra just got thrown into the middle of the chaos surrounding Lindsay Lohan’s recent arrest. As it turns out, the car Lindsay allegedly ran into a pedestrian with is registered to the Real Housewives of Miami star.

According to TMZ‘s report Karent had previously owned the Porsche Cayenne, but two months ago she sold it to Domingo Zapata, an artist and close friend of Lindsay’s. The problem is Karent failed to have the registration changed, and now that the vehicle is part of an investigation, Karent is going to be kicking herself over such a silly mistake.

Artist Domingo Zapata with Lindsay Lohan
^ Lindsay Lohan with Domingo Zapata (left) during his “Life As A Dream” art show at the VG Gallery in New York City in May. (Credit: Zapata / Splash News)

While it may seem harmless enough Karent’s failure to turn over the registration to Domingo could land her in some hot water. In New York, if the owner of a vehicle allows someone to drive their car and that person gets into an accident that results in property damage or injury, the victim can legally sue the owner of the vehicle, which in this case would be Karent.

Fortunately there is one small loophole: if Karent had told Domingo not to let anyone else drive the vehicle, she would not be held accountable. Let’s hope that is the case. It would be horrible to see Karent take the fall on something that was so clearly not her doing.

Karent’s rep spoke with TMZ, telling them Karent was “completely unaware of anyone (other than the new owner) driving the vehicle.”

She adds, “Through filming for Real Housewives of Miami, press engagements, and crazy travel schedules, the paperwork has not been executed 100% for the sale of the Porsche. But [Dr. Sierra] is not responsible for the unfortunate occurrence that took place with Ms. Lohan and the pedestrian.”

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