RHOM’s Mama Elsa Patton tweets from her Miami to NYC road trip!

Mama Elsa Patton on her road trip to see Andy Cohen for Watch What Happens Live

The unquestioned star of The Real Housewives of Miami is actually not one of the Housewives. She is the fabulous and amazing mother or Marysol Patton, Miss Elsa Patton.  Her appearances on the show, though brief, have already created a wine-sipping devoted following that includes Bravo exec and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen.

Elsa’s a self proclaimed witch and believes that she has certain powers to read people and foresee upcoming events.  Upcoming events like her appearance Tuesday night on Watch What Happens Live for example!?!  Ever since I first caught wind of the news that Elsa was making a live TV appearance I’ve hardly been able to contain myself.  I was checking up on Marysol and Andy’s Twitter pages to see if they too were getting amped when I discovered a very wonderful thing that occurred right under my tweeter-beak.  Mama Elsa has launched a Twitter page!

I thought my dad joining Facebook would never be topped but I was way wrong.  In just a brief period of time Elsa has revealed some great info about herself that I am excited to share with the Elsa-Army.

One of her Twitter fans asked her when she came to America from Cuba and why.  Here is Elsa’s reply:

Actually Andy almost had a catastrophe on his hands when he was contacted by Elsa and she informed him that she was canceling her appearance on WWHL because of her fear of flying.  Cohen knew in his heart that this was unacceptable so he sent two staffers down to Miami for the sole purpose of driving Elsa and Marysol up to the NYC for the show!  Here’s a clip he posted that features a brief clip of Mama Elsa rubbing up on and using daughter Marysol as a pillow.  This just makes me happy folks:

I would have paid good bank to get to ride in that van folks.  As Andy stated, Oprah and Gayle’s trip has nothing on that action.  Being a modern woman Elsa has not only joined Twitter but she is sending tweet-outs from the road.  I know!  Here’s a sample of what’s going on in that van.

Poor Elsa left her eyebrows at home.  I hate it when I do that.  And Bravo has the nerve to disrespect a lady by not getting her flowers.  All she asks is that she receives soft yellow roses for having to endure the van she has labeled a “gondola on wheels.”

Anywho, the top photo and the following closing shot were tweeted by Marysol whom I’m vicariously falling in love with too because of her respect and admiration for her mom.  Well that and I think she’s dead sexy. Tuesday night should be a real treat, it’s already a sweet tweet right?!

In Marysol’s tweet about this last shot she wrote, “@ElsaPatton and me with the pillow she stole from the hotel.”  It looks like her and Miss Elsa are getting all Thelma and Louise crossing state borders with stolen goods!

Marysol and Elsa Patton on their road trip from Miami to NYC for WWHL!

I-95 and almost the entire eastern seaboard of the United States will never be the same again.  Wait, I just had to post one more photo.  Marysol kindly just tweeted this great shot of her and Mama E in Washington D.C.  Wonderful!

Miami Housewife star Elsa Patton and daughter Marysol in Washington D.C.