Exclusive interview with Ashlee Wilson-Hawn of Big Rich Atlanta

Ashlee Wilson Hawn of 'Big Rich Atlanta'

Ashlee Wilson-Hawn is one of the 13 ladies who is currently appearing on Big Rich Atlanta, a new series on the Style Network. Ashlee, who is a stand-out personality on the show to say the least, recently spoke with Starcasm about how she was selected for the show, her pageant past, her relationship with boyfriend Zach, and much more.

How did you get cast in the show?

I certainly wasn’t looking to be on a show. A casting director found me via mutual Buckhead friends and they called and came to meet me within a few days of speaking with me.
Ashley Wilson Hawn Big Rich Atlanta Style Network photo
Did you know any of your co-stars before the show?

No, I didn’t know anyone personally.

Which co-stars do you also enjoy seeing when you aren’t filming?

I see Harvin, Meyer and Meagan almost everyday!!! We are a tight group of “blonde buds.” The most fun you will ever have is with Virginia aka Goose — southern hospitality to the core. I also enjoy Katie and her sweet daughter Diana. The fun loving Marcia and Meg have the best mother-daughter relationship, period! Honestly, I love all the ladies on BRA except the one with felony charges for attacking me.

What is your family life like?

We are a super close family! We are very blessed and never take that for granted. My sister (Lauren, who appears on the show some) is my best friend. The two of us are are very much daddy’s princesses, and we are not apologizing for it! Our daddy is our world and our hero!

Who got you started in pageants?

My mom says she discovered I was her star the day I was born, or at least that is what she has told me!

Have you always wanted to be a pageant coach?

It just comes very natural to me! It’s my God given talent so why not share my talents? Of course on the show, I am an “entertaining” pageant coach, and I really play it up!

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to travel and relax in the spa. I am quite the spa connoisseur.

'Big Rich Atlanta' star Ashlee Wilson Hawn and her boyfriend Zach Calhoun

Are there any special men in your life at the moment?

I have been dating a really sweet 38-year-old guy, but he looks and acts like he is my age. He has a very young spirit and is full of spunk! We were really close friends before we became lovers and that is just what makes our relationship work!

Will we see you date on the show?

You guys will see Zach for sure.

Have you ever had to use your panic button?

No way! My building is full of very affluent Atlantans including one of the most philanthropic billionaires in Atlanta, so our security is as tight as the White House here and no one is getting to us, but “just in case” we do have our panic buttons. I have lived in my building for nearly a decade and I sleep like a baby with my trusty panic button.

How was your overall experience on the show?

The show was awesome aside from Kahdijiha attacking me (that episode will air later in the season)! I totally got what reality TV is from the first day and I understood that I was there to entertain and be outrageous as that is what America wants to see! Television is an escape to another land for viewers and no one wants to watch boring television. I came to the show bringing my character to life and selling it. That is our job!

Photo of Ashlee Wilson Hawn of 'Big Rich Atlanta'

Following Kahdijiha’s attack, Ashlee launched a charity and lifestyle brand called Divarella. Divarella was created by Ashlee as a positive outlet to take something negative and turn it into a movement to raise awareness against violence and hate. Ashlee is spending all of her time launching the project and we will surely be hearing more about it very soon.

Be sure to catch Ashlee and the ladies in Big Rich Atlanta every Wednesday night at 9/8c on the Style Network.

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