Bloodhound Nathan robbed as wire fox terrier Sky steals Westminster


The gathered audience at Madison Square Garden knew that Nathan the bloodhound was top dog, folks watching at home knew that there was only one real choice this year for Best In Show at Westminster but sadly the final judge didn’t see it that way and awarded the prize to Sky the wire fox terrier.

Nathan Nation was left hanging their droopy heads as Best in Show judge Betty Regina Leininger singled out 5-year-old veteran show dog Sky.

She said of the dog who was not as awesome as Nathan:

“She just said, ‘Pick me.’ She is a beautiful wire. She really made us proud. This was her night. I’ve seen her before. I had never judged her before. I had seen her before at other dog shows where she’s won. She looked the best tonight from every angle.”


Okay. Okay. Okay… Sky’s pretty freaking adorable too – I admit it!

After claiming victory at the most prestigious dog show in the world, Sky will now be hitting all the hot spots and TV shows for interviews.

It was a tough beat Nathan but we’ll always remember you. Yes we will! Who da good boy!? Dat’s right buddy – you da good boy – yesss you are!!!

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