VIDEO Ellen Degeneres donates $10,000 to NFL player’s cancer-stricken daughter

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Last month we brought you the story of Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still, whose four-year-old daughter Leah is battling stage four neuroblastoma. Still had a poor preseason because his mind was on his daughter, and he was initially cut from the Bengals. The team then immediately signed Still to their practice squad, meaning he could both draw a salary and have access to the NFL’s health insurance for his daughter’s treatment.

The story since then is that the Bengals have announced that they will donate every dollar spent on Still jerseys to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which is one of the top cancer research centers in America. From the time the team made its announcement to today, Still’s has become one of the top-selling Bengals jerseys of all-time.

Now, his story has garnered national headlines. And Still himself went on Ellen yesterday to discuss his daughter’s battle:  




In addition to auctioning off her own celebrity-signed Still jersey for cancer research, Ellen and Shutterfly are donating $10,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where Leah is undergoing chemotherapy.

Plenty of other high-profile folks have taken notice of Still’s story, too. Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith recently Tweeted out his support:  



And, as Still noted, the New England Patriots’ cheerleaders all wore Still jerseys last week, bringing further awareness to his cause.

If you’d like to purchase a Still jersey, you can do so here. Note that the demand for jerseys is so high, the team will be temporarily unavailable to accept orders made after this weekend.

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