President Obama’s credit card declined at New York restaurant

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Barack Obama found himself in a bit of a presidential pickle last month, when trying to buy lunch for the press pool in a New York City eatery.

The president’s credit card was declined.

It turns out that Barack’s billfold hadn’t been swiped, and his identity stolen, though the president did wonder if someone was pulling one over on him.

Instead, Obama discovered that his credit card was so little-used, the company had flagged it for potential fraudulent use.

The chief executive later got the matter straightened out. In the meantime, Michelle was there with her card, and she covered the cost of lunch.

“It turned out, I don’t use it enough,” said Obama during off-the-cuff remarks at a bill signing. “I was trying to explain to the waitress, ‘No, I really think that I’ve been paying my bills.'”

The bill Obama was on hand to sign when he told this story? It’s for a government plan to tighten credit and debit card security. The president spoke at the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, before waving goodbye, and gallivanting off into the night.


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