Elle King opens up about experiencing depression and PTSD: ‘It’s like a trip on LSD’


Singer Elle King took to Instagram Saturday to open up about her personal struggles with mental health, specifically PTSD and depression. “I made a decision yesterday that was a really f— hard one,” she wrote in a caption for the above image.

“I’m slowly learning that prolonging and putting off that inevitable and looming painful decision or choice … ONLY CREATES MORE PAIN,” she explained. “AND YOURE LITERALLY JUST SITTING IN IT. I made that hard choice yesterday, and for a while it felt like my life was over.

“But today, while working through my PTSD with my doc, I felt that door inside of me open up just a little bit more,” she continued. “It used to be covered in caution tape and red lights flashing DO NOT OPEN. But I felt a cool little breeze and it wasn’t as scary peeping through.”

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She didn’t say exactly what important choice she made, but it appears to be linked to taking care of herself. She also linked the experience of depression and PTSD to taking LSD, in that it is mind-altering but your consciousness still has a degree of control over how to react to that state. “I realized that when I’ve been in an altered state I HAVE had weird moments and scary thoughts. But I snap out of it through the clarity and ease of the fact that A. everything is going to be ok. 2. Dude you’re on f— acid man,” she says.

“Today, if presented with two options, I will CHOOSE the one that is most beneficial and happy for me right then and there,” she said.

A few months ago King revealed some painful events in her love life. She had secretly married her ex Andrew Ferguson three weeks after they met, on Valentine’s Day 2016. The couple planned to have a public wedding ceremony the next year, but had already split up by the time the date rolled around. “As we separate, and attempt to find our footing through life, all I can hope for us is that we both find happiness within ourselves,” she wrote about their breakup. “I love you. You’ll always have my heart. You’ll always be my first husband.”

Photos: @elleking Instagram

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