DWTS – Size 4 and muscular Lacey Schwimmer gets Internet fat flack

Dancing With the Stars dancer (who is currently Chaz Bono’s dancing partner on the show) Lacey Schwimmer has an hour-glass body, firm muscles, and wears a size 4, but that still doesn’t stop her from facing flack from a Hollywood and dance culture that expects nothing less of women than to be thin, lanky, and barely even there. A recent unflattering “mom jeans” fashion choice gave her even more trouble from everyone on The Internet.

Lacey recently spoke to In Touch about how the comments on blogs and websites affect her, even if she doesn’t agree with them. She also says that she’s been dealing with the body image problems before she was in the public eye. The dancing culture is especially rigid in its expectations of what a woman’s body is supposed to look like, and when puberty hits, it can be especially tough for a young girl. When Lacey was 13 she struggled with an eating disorder. The 5’3″ dancer dropped down to a size 0, weighed 98 pounds, and subsisted solely on six slices of turkey a day. “My hair was falling out and my skin was gray. It was a really bad time,” she remembers.

Don’t sweat it Lacey, you’re super hot, fit and fabulous! Check out these photos of hard-bodied Lacey in a bikini hosting a Vegas party this August.

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