DUBAI BLING Ebraheem Al Samadi secretly married in lavish ceremony

Ebraheem Al Samadi spent season one of the Netflix reality series Dubai Bling looking for love.

Looks like the star has found a partner in the off season, because Samadi has announced his wedding… and from what we can tell, it was five-star fancy.

Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling is a Netflix reality series that follows wealthy friends from across the globe who now all live in the United Arab Emirates.

The cast includes Safa Siddiqui, who recently gave birth to her second daughter, and other notable names like DJ Bliss and radio personality Kris Fade.

Ebraheem Al Samadi also stars on the series, and while fans weren’t quite sure which way he ‘swings,’ it looks like he has found a wife, and is as happy as can be.

Ebraheem Al Samadi is married

Announced unexpectedly on Instagram, Samadi recently got hitched.

With the help of wedding planner White Seasons and Dorota Janina Photography, the Netflix star is officially no longer searching for love.

Who is Samadi’s wife?

We don’t know for sure who Ebraheem married as there has been no official announcement, however, we do have a speculation.

In Samadi’s IG post above, the text can be translated from Arabic as such:

thebloomingman Praise be to Allah, with whose blessing good deeds are done… The Quran contract was completed today, thank God.
“Oh God, make it a contract in which our happiness is held”

The joys of Samadi and Al-Hamli

Who is “Al-Hamli”? Turns out that he is a very important diplomat in Dubai (Secretary General of Dubai.) A quick Google search shows that he has a beautiful daughter around Ebraheem’s age, so it’s possible Afra Al Hamli is his new wife.

If this is true, it would explain the lavish, over the top wedding preparations as both are extremely wealthy. The only caveat is that in some of the photos, the letters E+H are featured.

All this would explain why guests were asked to turn over their phones before the nuptials keeping things top secret between the wedded couple and their guests.

We just hope we get the tea when season two of Dubai Bling airs… no release date has been set, but the series continuation has been confirmed.

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