Does RHoNY’s Ramona Singer really have a drinking problem?

This season Ramona Singer’s castmates have questioned her level of drinking on the show multiple times, prompting Ramona to say she actually called up Bravo and ask them if they really didn’t have any better story-lines to go with. Is she really slamming the Pinot too hard, or are we just made to believe she is to up ratings?

The Real Housewives of New York star is sort of in a Catch-22 situation. Because she launched her own Pinot Grigio wine at the beginning of the season, like any good businesswoman, she felt compelled to promote it while she was filming. Did her entrepreneurial endeavors just give the other girls fuel to insult her, or does she really have a bit of a problem?

Ramona spoke to Andy Cohen on WWHL, and later Life & Style magazine about the insinuations that she has a drinking problem, and that her husband Mario may be cheating (something that a psychic brought up on their Moroccan trip.)

About the cheating rumor

Ramona told Andy that she never takes psychic readings “to heart. I know what I have.” She told Life & Style “I’m happily married for 19 years. Do I flirt with other men? Absolutely. Does my husband enjoy looking at another woman who’s gorgeous? Absolutely. He’s a male – he’d better. It means his testosterone is still working!”

Drinking problem?

About the drinking, she told L & S “I don’t drink more or less than anyone else, and I drink responsibly. Was I tipsy in Morocco that first night? Absolutely! You’re jet-lagged, so the alcohol hits you a little. But was I slurring my words? No.”

Ramona also responded to the drinking gossip to In The Mixx, by claiming that all Real Housewives enjoy their share of adult beverages on the show:

“All I can say is, we’re filmed in social events. If you look at anytime I have a drink in my hand, look what LuAnn [de Lesseps] is drinking. The other people are drinking. The only person who doesn’t drink is Jill [Zarin]. She only drinks Diet Coke – and you wonder why? But anyway, all the other Housewives shows – they’re all drinking.”

She noted that she runs five businesses, has a 19-year-marriage, an honor student daughter, and couldn’t even be a functional alcoholic with all of that on her plate. Husband Mario even saw the bright side of Bravo featuring her drinking on the show: “You know what? It promotes the Pinot Grigio. So if they want to make a big deal about it … that’s [fine].”

Video of the interview:

Ramona Interview from GMG ENTERTAINMENT.COM on Vimeo.

Here’s Ramona telling a caller on WWHL’s Internet after show that sometimes she has to hold a drink to throw it in the brunettes’ faces:

Sometimes the Ramotional Housewife does exhibit some very strange, outspoken behavior. One time she even freaked out because Cindy Barship didn’t have a chilled glass of Pinot waiting for her the minute she showed up at a party.

UPDATE: On Part Two of the Season Four reunion Jill and Ramona sparred over who was an alcoholic.

Jill explained about Ramona’s perceived problem with alcohol: “A lot of times people who have problems don’t see it themselves. That’s why there are interventions.I really wanted to try to help her. And instead she tried to turn it around on me.”

When the topic of Ramona’s Pinot Grigio sipping came up on the reunion, Ramona went on the defensive: I have been drinking pinot grigio since the day the show started, and maybe some people this year have a little problem because this season I have ‘Ramona Pinot Grigio,’ but I embrace all my products.”
:They only have a problem because of the way it’s been shown.”.

“I don’t drink any more or less than I have for the past four years, or more than anyone else. We film at parties and social events. I don’t have a problem.”

She also turned the tables on Jill Zarin, outing her to the world for attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings: “Jill, I really respect you. I think you’re a fabulous woman. I know at times you had problems. You went to AA. You had an alcoholic problem. Just because you did doesn’t mean I do.”

What do you think, does Ramona drink just as much as the other Real Housewives, or does she go a bit too far? Do we even have enough information to know?

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