Is NeNe Leakes dating pizzeria business partner John Kolaj?

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s NeNe Leakes was rumored to be dating her new business partner John Kolaj (who co-owns and runs Famous Famiglia Pizzeria with his family.) Were they tossing around more than just pizza?

Family Famiglia is a NY-based worldwide chain that operates in a lot of airports. NeNe partnered with him to open one of their pizzerias in Sacramento airport October, 2011. Despite rampant reports that NeNe was dating this Italian stallion, NeNe insisted to Wendy Williams last week that they were just “business partners.”

On the show, however, NeNe seemed to be interested in a little more when they went on a business meeting/date. NeNe gave Kolaj the romantic eye, and Kolaj pitched the woo. He whispered that he wanted to partner with her in a “Lenithia Lounge” (NeNe’s real name is Lenithia,) and tried to imitate Nene’s signature “Mmm-mmm.” He wasn’t the smoothest Italian to ever tempt a girl in the history of Lotharios.

To help things along (or, to maybe play for the cameras), Kolaj also got Nene three gifts: A silver pen to sign their first deal, some super high and gold Louboutins, and a serenade from a guy who hasn’t sang for nine years until now because he lost a nephew in a car crash.

“Is this romantic? You haven’t seen romance yet.”

Here’s NeNe’s date with John Kolaj:

Awww, here’s what the pair ended up creating together with the help of a silver pen from Tiffany’s:

But, did NeNe ever take things further with Kolaj? She remains coy, recently telling US Weekly “I’m not saying he’s The One. But he has a lot of the qualities I’m looking for. He’s very wealthy.” At least NeNe wasn’t shy about admitting what she’s looking for in a man!

NeNe may not be on the market anyway, she’s been photographed spending time with her husband Gregg in both Atlanta and L.A. The divorce has not yet been finalized.

UPDATE January 2012: Despite reports that Nene is still with husband Gregg, John Kolaj told that he’s been showering Nene with diamonds, and Nene’s been tweeting about the said diamonds.
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