MUG SHOT Florida teacher uses three-year old to shoplift items she can sell for drug money


A teacher from Zephyr Hills, Florida has been arrested on charges of grand theft. But that’s not what’s generating headlines.

Amanda Jo Hammon used her three-year old daughter as a mule for stolen Wal-Mart products. According to local police, Hammon and her boyfriend Jason would slip electronics and other items into the child’s backpack, and then lead her out of the store.

Hammon stole approximately $1,700 worth of goods in four separate instances, all of them at the same Wal-Mart.

She confessed to police that she intended to use the money to buy drugs.

Hammon, 30, taught at John Long Middle School in Wesley Hills FL for ten years, before resigning with a handwritten note this week.

The day after she resigned, police arrested her and her boyfriend. It’s unknown if she wrote the note because she knew an arrest was imminent, or because she mistakenly thought that $1,700 was enough to flee to Mexico and begin a new life.

In addition to the grand theft charges, Hammon also faces charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her bail has been set at $20,150.

While her mother is in jail, Hammon’s daughter is staying with a neighbor.

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