How to win an election in Alabama

It’s hard to judge a man by a minute long political advertisement but I can safely safe that I would not mess with one Mr. Dale Peterson or his shotgun.  Dale is running for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner and he has a thing or two (zoom) to say about (zoom in even closer to grizzled face) how powerful that role is (super-tight zoom).  They just know how to ramp it up in Alabama (insert Tim James ‘We Speak English’ spot) for paid political ads.  Check out Dale’s sales pitch and no this is not a trailer for Unforgiven:

Peterson has been a farmer, a businessman, a cop, a Marine during ‘Nam and now he is the star of the most kick-butt political ad this side of the Mississippi!  I would not be stealing yard signs in the dark of night from Dale, no way.  Dale leaves no grey area on where he stands:

 “We’re Republicans, we should be better than this.”

Forget Agriculture Commissioner in Alabama, Dale Peterson will be the Republican nominee for President in 2012.  You heard it here first.  They cut the video just short of where Dale paints a whole town red, calls it hell, kills the bad guys and rides off into the sunset (See movie High Plains Drifter).  Hey Dale if you’re looking for some music for your next spot I have a suggestion:

That was Champagne Dream with a very ‘interesting’ version of the Lynard Skynard classic Sweet Home Alabama.  Ahhhhhh, politics.