After criticism from June Shannon, Anna Cardwell defends getting pregnant again

Anna Cardwell Pregnant Again

When Here Comes Honey Boo Boo‘s Anna Cardwell welcomes her second child later this year, she doesn’t plan to invite mom June Shannon over to babysit.

“If I have a newborn child, either me and Michael are going to go [visit with the baby] or she can come over here and visit,” Anna told Us Weekly, explaining she only trusts June “a little” after learning she recently spent time with the man convicted of molesting Anna years ago.

Anna said June didn’t make the situation any better for herself by saying Anna and husband Michael are too financially unstable to expand their family.

“Every family struggles with all this stuff — even with one kid we make it, every single day,” Anna said. “[Kaitlyn] gets what she wants, she eats, has clothes on her, she’s clean. This same kid is going to be the same way.”

Anna Cardwell Husband Michael

Days after celebrating their first wedding anniversary, Anna also said she and Michael are in a good place in their relationship.

“We were arguing a lot… Then all of a sudden we started doing fine for a good two or three months, and we decided to try again [to get pregnant]. I’m glad,” she said. “I begged and begged and begged for a kid and I finally got [pregnant].”

With the new baby due in December, Anna again emphasized that she wants her own spin-off show so “everybody [can] see Kaitlyn growing up and see how our family is growing.”

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