Buy Nev Schulman’s chest hair, enter to win trip to Catfish set

Nev Schulman chest hair

Catfish co-host Nev Schulman is putting the “hair” in chairity (sorry) as he is offering up a snip of his famous chest hair as part of a fundraising campaign for Leave Out Violence (LOVE). There are also other great items available from Nev and Max, and every five dollars you spend will enter you into a raffle for two tickets to meet the dynamic duo in person and spend a day on the Catfish set!

“Have you ever gazed longingly at Nev Schulman’s impressive chest hair?” the press release asks rhetorically. “Well now you have the opportunity to own a piece of Nev and do your civic duty by giving to a great non-profit initiative at the same time.” It later reveals that “Nev feels so passionately about this cause that he has offered to snip off some of his chest hair and offer it as an incentive to donate, along with a live-stream of him doing so. As additional encouragement for donating, there are prizes including t-shirts, personalized videos and social media shout-outs from Nev and Max.”

The grand prize includes:

• 2 x Set access credentials
• 2 x Transportation to the filming location
• 2 x nights standard accommodation, shared room
• Ground Transportation

Curious to know more about LOVE? Here’s the 411:

LOVE is an organization started in Montreal in 1993 with the mission of enabling youth who have been affected by violence to create positive change in their lives and become leaders among their peers and in their communities. It does this by providing safe settings, media arts training, social and emotional learning, and leadership development opportunities. Youth emerge from LOVE committed to carrying forward messages of non-violence, and ready to engage more fully in the world around them.

Please visit for more information.

The fundraising campaign will run from April 23rd through June 9th using the hashtag #Nev4Love. The website to donate and enter is Below is a complete list of incentives for those who donate at different levels. (Unfortunately, Max Joseph has not completely risen tot he challenge as a snippet of his famous silver mane is not included on the list.)

$5 eKiss
Receive a special email from Nev

$15 Digital Love
Get an exclusive video message from Nev & Max.

$40 Love Manual
Nev will handwrite your name and autograph a paperback copy of his book, In Real Life.

Nev Schulman t-shirt for LOVE charity

$50 Fabric of Love
Get this one of a kind shirt (above) now and watch Nev and Max wear it on MTV Catfish! (Nev personally designed a limited edition t-shirt for this campaign in collaboration with his brother, film director Rel Schulman and artist Carlton DeWoody.)

$75 Love Banner
Wow, this one’s a biggie. Both Nev and Max will sign a 16″x20″ MTV Catfish poster just for you.
42 available

$100 Love Note
Get a personal handwritten postcard from Nev on the road. So cool you’ll want to frame it!
45 available

$125 Sweet Tweet
We don’t need to tell you that Nev tweets every day to nearly a million followers. Donate at this level, and Nev will mention your Twitter handle in a tweet.
17 available

Here’s an example of just how awesome it is to get a Twitter mention from Nev! 😉

$150 Podcast Appearance
Have a Catfish story that Nev needs to hear? Do you want to ask Nev for advice? Well, a lucky few of you will have the first and only opportunity to call into Nev’s new weekly podcast, In Real Life with Nev Schulman.
9 available

$200 MTV with Love
Get this awesome goodie bag from MTV which includes extremely limited edition Catfish treats: T-shirt, Drink cup, Tote bag, Keyring, Pen, Luggage tags
18 available

$250 Video Valentine
Nev will create, record, and email you a one-of-a-kind movie, starring Nev, dedicated to you, sent only to you.
7 available

$500 Love at First Skype
Get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to Skype with Nev 1-on-1 for 15 minutes. That is Skype video chat. You and Nev. Oh baby. Need I say more?
7 available

$20,000 Hairy Treasure Chest
It doesn’t get any better than this, the ultimate Nev souvenir: his glorious chest hair! It’s what makes you call him Daddy, squeal when you see him shirtless, and what inspired @Nevschesthairs and the fan page Nev Schulman’s Chest Hair.
1 available

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