Courtney Stodden says Gary Busey slapped momager after he seduced her


So maybe Courtney Stodden doesn’t crave attention from all older male actors…

The 19-year-old has started her own column for The Daily Star and she shared an anecdote about the time she says 70-year-old Gary Busey tried to bust a move.

Busey’s currently overseas in the Celebrity Big Brother house doing what Gary does like trying to convince other guests that he suffers from globophobia (the fear of balloons).

GB is crazy enough to probably make that sell but according to Stodden, he wasn’t afraid of her balloons and things got a little weird:

“Ah, Gary. I had my very own encounter with the Hollywood veteran at a red carpet affair in Beverly Hills a few months ago. At one point, he approached me, seduced me and cornered me so I couldn’t go anywhere. When my momager came over to get me, he turned around and slapped her in the face! Lol, I’m sorry, it’s really not funny… I’m just kind of worried about him being locked up in that house.”

FOX 411 actually reached out to Busey’s rep for a comment but haven’t heard back.

Photo: Stodden / Splash News

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