Courtney Stodden fired her momager, accused her of throwing her under the bus

Courtney Stodden and Mom Krista Keller

Courtney Stodden is in the midst of another difficult separation — this time from her momager, Krista Keller.

Krista announced she was stepping down this week, telling FOX 411 it was “difficult to work with people” who had different opinions about what Courtney should do. She added, “I love her very much and I decided to step down due to creative differences.”

However, in a later Twitter post, Courtney indicated the split wasn’t quite so amicable. (Also, “forced to have her resign” means fired, right?)



“My mom’s desire to be famous interfered with her ability to manage me effectively,” Courtney said. “She craved the limelight so much, she felt that, I, her daughter, was standing in her way. I was forced to have her resign. I do wish her the best. She’s my mother & I’ll always love her.”

Krista has been by Courtney’s side ever since giving her permission to marry Doug Hutchison when Courtney was just 16. Courtney’s career took a turn earlier this month when she agreed to release a solo sex tape. Although Krista wouldn’t elaborate on what “creative differences” drove a wedge between her and Courtney, she said “I think you can figure out why.”

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