Courtney Stodden still flirting with ex-boyfriend, husband Doug Hutchison estranged from his family

Not sure if any of you have been watching Couples Therapy on VH1, but it’s definitely shedding some light on the world’s most tabloid-covered relationships. 52-year-old Doug Hutchison and his child bride Courtney Stodden were married for a year when they let the reality television therapy cameras into their lives. When they came on the show they swore that their relationship was perfect, and that the only issue was all the attention Courtney gets when she steps outside. Turns out that’s not quite the case; they’ve got a few other twists and turns, including Courtney’s emotional relationship with a guy her age, and Doug’s estrangement from his family.

During a group therapy session, Courtney actually said that sometimes she forgets that she’s married when she’s outside getting attention from other men.


“He struggles with me not holding his hand in public, and I can admit, that sometimes I get lost in all the attention, and sometimes I forget I’m married.  And I need help with that.”

Then, in another session, Courtney and Doug discuss her ongoing emotional relationship with a 21-year-old ex-boyfriend. Courtney has had sexual contact with this guy in the past, and now constantly texts him at night when she’s in bed with Doug. She feels like she can compartmentalize her relationships with these two men, but it’s wearing on her marriage.



“Courtney has a boyfriend from her past, she still has a relationship with him. Sometimes we’ll crawl in bed at night, 10:30, 11 o’clock at night, it’s time to wind down, and there’s Court with her phone going off, and I know it’s *** more than not, and it goes on-and-on for a while like that and I feel like it’s intruding on our intimate time. More than that, is the effect *** has on Courtney. He makes her laugh. She says “oh, *** is the funniest guy in the world.”

Doug is especially hurt by this because he wants to be Courtney’s best friend, which is especially important to him because his family has turned their backs on him because of his relationship with Courtney.

“When I met Courtney, my brother and I were extremely tight. My mother and I were also very close. After we became married, my mother sent me an email saying ‘I do not approve of this marriage, Courtney’s mother should be ashamed of herself.'”

Doug’s mom also sent Doug all of the Mother’s Day cards he had ever sent her back to him, telling him to send them to his new mother.

Despite these issues, Dourtney is reportedly still going strong. Courtney’s parents, however, who are both very supportive of Courtney’s marriage to Dough, have split after 20 years together and 3 daughters.

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