PHOTOS Meet Angela Johnson, the mother of Kyle Chrisley’s daughter, Chloe

Kyle Chrisley Daughter Chloe

On the season finale of Chrisley Knows Best, the family will celebrate Kyle Chrisley’s daughter’s first birthday. One person likely not on the guest list is little Chloe’s mother, who hasn’t been featured on the show. So, just who is this mysterious mom?

Radar Online obtained documents from an October 2013 legitimation suit between the Chrisleys and an Angela Johnson of South Carolina.

Angela Johnson with Chloe Chrisley Knows Best

In the suit, which was brought about to confirm Chloe’s paternity, both sides were granted a mutual restraining order. Kyle also agreed to pay child support. In exchange, Radar speculates Angela Johnson agreed to allow her daughter to appear on Chrisley Knows Best (and to split some custody with Kyle).

The terms of the agreement weren’t established until February of this year, but Angela apparently allowed her daughter to stay with the Chrisleys well before that — considering the season finale was filmed in November of 2013.

Angela also seems to respect the Chrisley family and take enjoyment in her daughter’s television appearances. She shared the following picture, adding: “Chloe with her aunt and uncles on her dad’s side too cute she loves some Grayson Savannah and Chase.”

Chloe Chrisley Grayson Savannah Chase Chrisley

Angela also promoted the season finale of Chrisley Knows Best, saying, “tune in next Tuesday my baby girl 1st bday party will be on excited for her.” (Angela also threw a slightly more low-key first birthday party for Chloe last November.)

Angela Johnson Chloe's first birthday

Chloe was recently back with the Chrisleys, presumably for filming of the second season of Chrisley Knows Best. Angela wrote about going to Georgia to pick her daughter up earlier this month, but — with those mutual restraining orders in effect — it’s unlikely she will appear on the show.

The season finale of Chrisley Knows Best airs on USA this Tuesday at 10/9c.

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