Man arrested for intent to detonate home made sex toy explosive while in use

Terry Lester sex toy bomb maker

I’ve heard many a news of the weird revenge stories in my line of work but one Mr. Terry Allen Lester from Minnesotta, seen above, may just be the Dr. Evil of mulleted angry boyfriends.  For this story I am picking up some seriously bad “vibrations.”

You see Terry had a plan and that plan involved buckshot, gun powder, wiring, a trigger and most importantly a Trojan horse in the form of a sex toy left for his ex-girlfriend.  That’s right blogosphere, Terry Lester made a bomb out of a sex toy and allegedly had plans to detonate it later while in use by his intended target.  I’ve had some rage when it comes to old flames but my imagination was incapable of fathoming such a MacGyver styled redemption. 

As you can imagine the ex in question was a little cautious of the toy, simply labeled “Christmas Gift” in black marker by Mr. Lester, and contacted authorities.  The bomb squad was called in for what had to be an interesting day for that department and diffused the situation causing the intended weapon to lose its potency.

Lester remains in custody and could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $20,000 dollars if convicted.  Ladies, I know as men we usually are on the wrong side of “my bads” but I think in light of this story if you’ve recently messed up I would get your boo a gift card to Best Buy or something.  You never know what might be going on in that mind of his, especially if he’s rocking a mullet!

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