Third season of Amish Mafia premiere date announced, Esther Schmucker addresses abuse

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The Amish Mafia is coming back to the Discovery Channel on Feb. 25 — and promises to be more dramatic than ever.

Based on the official press release, a main theme in season three is Lebanon Levi’s struggle to “keep outside forces from infiltrating” the Pennsylvania Amish community.

“When temptations from the English world threaten to bring physical harm to one of the Amish, Levi and his crew must put aside their differences with former rivals in order to protect the community. Meanwhile, Levi’s nemesis Merlin seeks revenge on Wayne for ousting him from Amish Aid in Ohio. By recruiting new enforcers and building fresh alliances, Merlin hopes to regain control of Ohio and fulfill his destiny of leading the entire Amish community.”

Esther Schmucker - Amish Mafia

Esther Schmucker will also open up for the first time about her brutal attack at the hands of her then-boyfriend, Imir Williams. The Oct. 31 fight left her with a fractured cheekbone, broken nose and multiple broken teeth. Imir (aka, “Mirkat”) went on the run, but was discovered by police and arrested on Nov. 6.

Amish Mafia Esther boyfriend Imir Rashon Williams mug shot photo

He spent seven weeks in Lancaster County Prison, but posted bail in late December. He then pled guilty to misdemeanor counts of assault and stalking.

Shortly before Imir’s release from jail, Esther spoke with Lancaster Online about their abusive relationship.

“Growing up, I was always taught you don’t fight back. You turn the other cheek,” Esther said, explaining the abuse began in December 2012. The interviewer noted Esther had a slight lisp due to the broken cheekbone she sustained. Her nose was also slightly crooked and a small bump was visible under her eye. “I lost who I was because of him. I will not let this define who I am as a person.”

The third season of Amish Mafia premieres on the Discovery Channel Feb. 25 at 9/8c.

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