MUG SHOT Fix-A-Flat ‘doctor’ arrested for manslaughter

Oneal Morris mug shot manslaughter charge

Back alley “doctor” Oneal Morris has been arrested again for her illegal injection practices. This time the charges are much more serious as a former victim, Shatarka Nuby, died back in March stemming from complications from said injections. Morris has been charged with manslaughter and is being held in jail without bond.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office claim that Nuby met Morris on several occasions to have silicone injected into her body at the cost of hundreds of dollars per visit. Nuby received these supposed enhancements in her breasts, thighs, butt and hips.

Morris, who on a previous arrest was said to have used Fix-A-Flat, cement and Super Glue for one of her procedures, did not use medical grade silicone on Nuby. She allegedly went as far as to tell the victim’s aunt that she got her material from Home Depot.

Here is a mug shot image from a prior arrest:

Morris would often, including her times with Nuby, don full surgical scrubs to give the appearance that she was a certified doctor. Nuby informed authorities that she was one of Morris’ victims before she died. Her death was due to “massive systemic silicone migration.”

Here is Morris’ public arrest info via The Broward County Sheriff’s Office:

As the information indicates, there has been no court date set for the latest charges.