Bobbi Kristina bikini photos spark weight hate, BK and Nick Gordon respond

Bobbi Kristina bikini photo

Bobbi Kristina Brown and her husband Nick Gordon are currently on vacation and shared a couple poolside bikini photos of Bobbi Kristina over the weekend in which the 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston looked like she had lost a bit of weight. As you might imagine, the weight loss was like blood in the water to the internet haters and the negative comments quickly started to pour in. Never ones to back away from confrontation, Bobbi Kristina and Nick were quick to respond to the criticisms.

Before we get to their responses, let’s get all the bikini hotness out of the way. 🙂 Up top is a photo shared by Bobbi Kristina along with this tweet:

Bobbi Kristina bikini photo tweet

Nick shared this next photo and proudly captioned it, “I gotta bad bitch:”

Bobbi Kristina bikini picture

A friend who is on vacation with the couple (I assume) named Heather tweeted these side-by side Bobbi Kristina bikini photos and simply added a number of hearts:

Bobbi Kristina bikini photos skinny

Cue: haters.

And here are some select responses from Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon:

NICK: My baby is perfect the way she is. Y’all reporters on my sh!t can suck my d!ck. MADD cuz your b!tch is a 400 pounder

NICK: And for the record she was made that way why change I know she is beautiful and so do so again f*** you with a aids d!ck b!tch

NICK: So shut up with all your drug talk suck a d!ck, swallow and relax. We got this sh!t baby@REALbkBrown. Keepcomin

Bobbi Kristina tweets about bikini weight loss

Bobbi Kristina all butt (heh heh) ended the debate with this birdonkadonk shot:

Bobbi Kristina bikini butt twitter bird flip

While you ponder over all the drama, let’s take another loooooong last look at that bikini body shall we? We need to educate ourselves if we wanna enter the debate, right? 😉

Bobbi Kristina bikini photo zoom

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